Best variety of cheese, sausage and Amish style goods for Kansas City area!

ted at
7089 Outer Road, Odessa, MO  64076


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JOHN HENRY'S rubs, marinades and  
  BBQ sauces . . . 18 new products now 
  available at One Good Taste Country 
  Store!  For a unique twist in your
  smoking, grilling or baking, try John
  Henry's PECAN RUB and PECAN
  MARINADE . . . the #1selling products
  from this Texas product line:


 including Raspberry Chipotle Sauce,  
 Jalapeno Tangerine Jam, Vidalia  
 Onion Peppercorn Salad Dressing and
 Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce!

 That's not all!  One Good Taste also 
 features many products from Amish-
 influenced communities and gourmet
 foods from local companies:

*Burgers' Meats: summer sausage (Elk, Venison, Buffalo, Ozark, and Beef), meat sticks, country bacon, sugar cured ham, seasoning meat, breakfast sausage.

* Amish Wedding brand of jarred goods, including "no sugar added" jams, and unique items, i.e. "plum, strawberry, peach and blueberry butter." Also enjoy "old timers'
favorites" such as Pickled Peaches, Pickled Sweet Baby Beets, Pickled Garlic, Asparagus, Okra and Pickled Eggs.

* Missouri favorites, including local honey from Allen Apiaries - Odessa/Bates City, MO and Burger's Meats - California, MO. 

Bulk Foods - whole wheat and veggie flour products available. Over 80 varieties of individual spices and spice mixes in stock. Many snack mixes and bagged specialty sweets to choose from. 

* Sugar Free & No Sugar Added jams & candies available for special diet needs.

*Non GMO and Organic products being added to current selections.

      Grab 'N Go              Gluten Free Family Pack
      72 servings                       126 servings
      $149.75                            $279.75

    Family Pack w/Grains  
           200 servings


OPENED DAILY  9 am - 6 pm


Find over 140 varieties of cheese
in Odessa, just 15 minutes east of
Blue Springs on Interstate 70.
  Free Samples Daily!
It's better than a cheese factory!

"We do the driving to Osceola, 
so you don't have to!"

Stop by and see us
for great gift ideas!

Best selection of Amish style snacks, candies and pickled jarred goods in
Kansas City, Missouri area. 
Save your gas . . . shop for your favorite Missouri cheese and specialty foods in Odessa!



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New stored food products at One Good Taste.

Prepare for food shortages, weather emergencies, camping, or eat healthy alternatives to fast-food.  New stored food products at One Good Taste.

              Family Pack  $259.75                
    140 servings                        

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